Extraordinary Value at an Extraordinary Low Price

No one is going to express passion about your business the way that you do. Here is your opportunity to share your story, an upcoming event, or promotion and have it professionally produced.

During this special event we are offering 40% off the industry standard rate.

Industry Standard for 1 Minute of Produced Video begins at $1000

Grow your audience with meaningful content and a professional production just like this video for only $590 plus tax.

Videos help keep users on your website longer and also keep them more engaged. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Forbes, 2018).

If you know marketing, you know that opportunities like this don’t come along very often.

This is a 1 Day Special Event with Only 15 Spots Available

Our production crew will be on location at the beautiful Waterfront Park in Kelowna, BC for the entire day on Thursday October 3, 2019

During that time 15 individuals will have an opportunity to share their story, message or promotion on video. We’ll take that footage and produce a 59 second video for you with the same elements as the video on this page.

Each Video Comes With:

  • 59 seconds of video footage shot from two cameras to give it flow
  • a professional royalty free music track to compliment the tone and energy
  • a ‘lower third‘ – an animated name and title that appears on-screen
  • a ‘call to action‘ – an on-screen title of what you would like the viewer to do such as ‘Visit us at ourwebsite.com’ or ‘Enter to Win’ or ‘Register Now’

How to Reserve Your Spot

Complete the form fields with your contact information

Be sure to Enter the Captcha field

Click ‘Submit


Call our Kelowna office at 403-999-6976

Our office will contact you for a discovery session to learn about your business and message. Once your registration is confirmed, we’ll send you and discuss with you how to script and plan your video shoot.

Options to Enhance Your Video

Bring Your Logo to Life

One of the most important functions of a logo is to create and promote brand awareness.

This is one of the main reasons why companies choose to invest in an animated logo.


Here are some cool ways our clients are showcasing their brand.

Animated logos are both more memorable and more recognizable to consumers than static logos.


Bring the professional element of an animated logo to your videos for only $150.

Add ‘B-roll’ Footage

Films and videos often cut away from the main story to show related scenery or action. Establishing shots are used to show the audience the context of the story.

It’s video that helps to tell your story


This is a great video that demonstrates the power of B-roll footage.

B-roll footage can be captured during an event or interview. It can be shot in multiple locations. Sometimes we can even find some amazing stock video from our library and video partners.

Quotes are provided once we understand your entire scope and vision.

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