Cinematic Storytelling

Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, we’re a tight-knit team of artists, designers, videographers, and producers who are very passionate about the brand identities we’re entrusted to express. We seamlessly integrate into teams and businesses of all sizes and take pride in helping our clients clearly convey their message, engage their audience, and stay ahead of the curve with growth-driven creative.

Commercial videos – both services and products

Corporate videos – corporate identity, corporate policies and procedures, training videos

Large Event videos – conventions, trade shows, seminars, workshops, community events

Voice-Overs – commercials, trade shows, seminars, workshops, community events

Crowd Funding videos – kickstarter, indiegogo, gofund

Artistic videos – concerts, dramatic performances, recitals, festivals, competitions

Fitness and Health videos – exercise, yoga, sports

Professional videos – doctors, realtors, consultants, inspirational speakers, trainers

Film production –  is the heart and soul of any filmmaker’s passion for storytelling.  Reelization Studios thrives at creating the scripted story or capturing the real world in a documentary film. Beautiful cinematography, crisp professional audio, and well structured editing all come standard with any Reelization Studios film project; it is in the story itself, however, that the real magic happens.  This is where we engage the audience in the world we’ve created and they ultimately connect with the message on the screen.


Reelization Studios provides affordable, customized rates for all customers. We can provide detailed quotes for any project over $500 in value. We will work with every client to provide a full compliment of services within the budget of the client if at all possible. Every project is unique; therefore we provide a customized quote for projects that reflects the actual scope and content of the project. Here are some general guidelines for a select group of services:


  1. Half-day videography with delivery of raw footage – $360
  2. Full-day videography with delivery of raw footage – $700
  3. Editing: $85 per hour

We are excited and honored to be an affiliate of Maxogram Activated Print. Activate your print materials with Maxogram and literally bring your marketing messages to life. Watch this video to learn more, then connect with us and we’ll get you started.

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